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Robert Jackson, began his love of landscape in his youth in Dorset England.  His childhood years were spent working and cultivating the family's apple farm.  He learned to manage the art of seasonal changes, planting, grafting and harvesting the 75 acre farm.

He traveled the world visiting other countries to learn  techniques of gardening in various climates and growing techniques.

In 1991 after moving to the States and beginning as an assistant in a nursery, he settled in South Carolina in 1993 where he began his design and landscape company.

Today, English Garden Landscape serves private clients and commercial clients throughout the Carolina's.  His reputation as an individual passionate about his work and the final product is pleasing to all.


Robert's education apart from on-hands at the family farm were attending Queen's College in England, followed by Horticultural College, also in England.  After moving to the States, Robert dedicated himself to learning and understanding all the native plant families associated with the climates of the Midwest and Southern regions.  His wealth of knowledge is brought into each design he creates for his clients.

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